In the zone – shooting Scandi food

I had a job I feel really at home with last week – shooting for the lovely Bronte Aurell of the Scandinavian Kitchen. And I got to take home a lot of delicious goodies afterwards. We shot a lot of open sandwiches (smörgåsar) – something that hasn’t really entered the British culture despite our love of…

I shoot portraits too!

Just putting together a few portrait shots of chefs and cooks from my portfolio for a potential client – I thought I’d share them here.

My studio

All photography is about light, and food photography is very much about how the light is best used to describe the subject. Years ago I had vowed I wouldn’t be a photographer if it meant living in the dark and  working only with flash lighting. I needed a studio with wonderful natural light I looked…

Shooting for Christmas

A lot of my summer is spent photographing for Christmas, usually when the studio is at its hottest, and the cooking of turkeys raises the temperature even further. Shooting for Toby Carvery, with JWT means there are a lot if people in the studio all with a stake in making the photograph work for their…

The Achamore house orchids

On our way home from the wonderful wedding we went to on Tiree at the end of August, we visited the tiny island of Gigha (pronounced Gheea) off the Kyntyre peninsula, with about 150 residents. Among the attractions on Gigha is Achamore House, an excellent upmarket B&B, where owner Don Dennis tends his collection of…

Not my usual subject for photography! Creepy, crawly spider…..

I don’t go out of my way to photography insects and arachnids, I think they are fascinating when I happen to see them but there are so many other things I’m obsessed with!  My sister on, the other hand is serious about them and will spend hours studying a new bug, going into ecstatic details…

The silvery sands

We were in Tiree for a wedding at the end of August, and discovered a world of pearly light, fields of wildflowers, little white houses, fat contented cattle and pale beaches studded with seashells. This is the beach just below where we were staying.

Hebridean paella

I’m just back from 10 days in the Hebrides, first for a beautiful wedding on Tiree, and then on to Gigha and Arran, doing research for Andro’s next book. I love the Scottish islands not least for the wonderful fish and shellfish available there. This is a magnificent paella made by our host on Tiree….

Another nice job to shoot yesterday

Shooting in my studio yesterday for a pub chain, such a close hot day but the windows were open and it felt calm and airy, and the very flat daylight was great for photography.  

Natural linen

MARIE-LOUISE AVERY: food & lifestyle photography | Interiors shop window stock photography image. Bolts of beautiful linen always make me feel like getting out the sewing machine. This was in a Swedish shop window.