For 28 years my life revolved around food, photography, my Mac, my dog (Conker), my home and the village I live in, and most of all my husband, writer Andro Linklater,

On November 3rd 2013 Andro suddenly and tragically died from a heart attack he had on the island of Eigg where he was doing research for his next book. Everything changed dramatically for me in that moment and although I am very happy still to be busy working as a food photographer, I am still working at rebuilding my life.

I am a photographer based in London and Kent, specialising in food and lifestyle photography. In addition to my commissioned work in my London studio, I have started a picture library, thePictureKitchen also specialising in food and lifestyle images.

These skills have grown out of a love of food instilled in me as a child by parents unusually interested in food for their generation. My English father was a tremendous francophile and had been brought up travelling around Europe learning to eat and drink well. My Swedish mother had an innate and ongoing love of good food and was still cooking and caring for us all late into her eighties.

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  1. evercueil says:

    Hi Marie-Louise,

    Hope you are well!

    I came across your website in a search for London food photographers and I am interested in how you made your move from art direction and design to food photography.

    I am a graphic designer and I want to get into food styling as well and was wondering if you have any advice? I do not design for the food industry at the moment and find it hard to get the opportunity to make the transition. I also would like to gain any studio experience in styling – be it assisting, shadowing or washing the dishes!

    If you know of any opportunities or just tips to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

    You can visit my website to find out a bit more about me: http://www.ericahester.com

    Kind regards,

    Erica Vercueil


  2. There are a lot of good food stylists around and the best way of getting experience is really to do as you have suggested and offer to work as an assistant – probably I am afraid unpaid to start with. Look at ‘Hers’ – an agency for home economists as food stylists are often less glamorously called.
    I have looked at your website and am not sure from that if you want to get into food photography as well or ifyou are just trying to show your styling. Either way you need to work on the photography aspect as at the moment the photos are not really doing your work justice.
    I will soon start to post tips and hints on these pages for food photography so do check back but the first thing you need to look at is you lighting – until you know what you are doing less is always more!
    Try to use daylight, the softer the better and put you camera on a tripod with the lens at a long setting so you can be a decent distance from the food for the most flattering effect.
    Good luck!


  3. latifa says:


    Thanks for this lovely blog. I hope you post more tips and techniques regarding food photography so i and others learn from a pro like you. Not to forget to mention that i follow up daily your flickr.

    best wishes,


  4. Just joined the flickr food photo group and thought I’d check out your blog as well. I’ll check back in the future to see what you’re up to- Love to submit some recipes and photos as well to begin to share some of my work both in front of and behind the camera.

    Garrison Gunter


  5. Do hope you have submitted some pics to *Very Special Food Photography Group, although as it is summer and I keep going away I am getting rather behind in assessing the submissions. I’m trying to catch up now.


  6. Love your food pics. So difficult to get right, and yours are great!


  7. kasha harmer says:

    Lovely to find all this by chance.
    Love to catch up – wonderful to see your work and see how well everything sems to be with you.
    Very fond memories of our shoots several years ago and how much you taught me.
    Kind regards,
    Kasha Harmer


  8. So nice to hear from you! Are you stilL in the business? I’m sure you are still being creative.


  9. Drew says:

    Found you because of your XZ-1 post, and ended up staying around because I like your pictures. You have a good eye, and I like it that you “play” with the pictures and don’t just settle for straight-out-of-the-camera reporting. I have the XZ-1 on pre-order from B&H Photo. I hope it turns out as nicely as it sounds. The art filters on the EPL-1 are wonderful, and it will be great to have them in a camera I can carry in my pocket. Hope you get one and enjoy it!


  10. Thanks for your nice comments!
    I’ll definitely be getting the XZ-1. Gather it is expected at the end of January so not too long to wait. I’ll post how I get on with it. Hope you enjoy it too!


  11. Manoel Petry says:

    Dear Louise,
    I have been following your photos on flickr for some time, are inspiring, congratulations!
    Currently have a company (www.capelladesign.com.br) that I coordinate, I am a designer and photographer and I have been devoting more and more food photography. I would like your opinion about pictures mines, and also know if there is any possibility of exchange in order to know his work closely in his studio in London, something like a workshop on pictures in this area.
    thank you for the affection of his response … Congratulations on your determination to work!
    Manoel Petry
    (www.manoelpetry.com / http://www.flickr.com / photos / manoelpetry)


  12. Louise great to have found out about you on Linked in. I have just written my first book in 10 years due out in autumn. As always your photographs are beautiful. x Juliet


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