The Achamore house orchids

On our way home from the wonderful wedding we went to on Tiree at the end of August, we visited the tiny island of Gigha (pronounced Gheea) off the Kyntyre peninsula, with about 150 residents. Among the attractions on Gigha is Achamore House, an excellent upmarket B&B, where owner Don Dennis tends his collection of orchids. We were lucky enough to be shown the collection in the surprisingly small but carefully temperature controlled greenhouse he tends them in. Don photographs them for his Flower essence business, using  Nikon D800, lots of lighting, large tripod and full black background. They are beautiful, considered, shots, but he was intrigued to see me snapping away at his precious flowers on my little Olympus E-PL5 with Olympus 60mm lens. I had the strap fairly short to steady the camera against my neck, and used the flip-out, touch sensitive screen to compose and take the shot with the perfect point of focus. Here they are – clearly not studio shots – but I hope they capture something of the strange magical quality of these extraordinary flowers.


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  2. I can see how people get obsessed with them. They really have an addictive quality.


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