Not my usual subject for photography! Creepy, crawly spider…..

I don’t go out of my way to photography insects and arachnids, I think they are fascinating when I happen to see them but there are so many other things I’m obsessed with!  My sister on, the other hand is serious about them and will spend hours studying a new bug, going into ecstatic details about the small hairs on the legs or particular shape of the mandibles.  I will have to ask her about this beauty because I know nothing!

I found her (the spider that is) yesterday in the middle of a perfect web on an ivy covered wall, and rather than spend hours looking at her, I just picked up my favourite Olympus E-PL5 and swapped the lens for the brilliant 60mm macro lens I bought quite recently. It’s not a perfect macro shot – I should have brought out a tripod for that, but it’s an indication of the amazing results this lens is capable of. Spider-9130018



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