Hebridean paella

I’m just back from 10 days in the Hebrides, first for a beautiful wedding on Tiree, and then on to Gigha and Arran, doing research for Andro’s next book.

I love the Scottish islands not least for the wonderful fish and shellfish available there. This is a magnificent paella made by our host on Tiree. He learned to make paella from a Spanish chef when he was studying Spanish as a teenager in Barcelona, and adapted it to the local seafood on Tiree, so there were loads of velvet clams and large crab claws in it. One of the guests at the pre-wedding dinner party it was made for, proclaimed it the best meal she had ever eaten, and said that she would remember it to her dying breath!

Paella making-8270024


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  1. Lovely shot, Marie Louise. Definitely my sort of paella.


  2. If the chef was Mike Stanfield then I can tell you that he can create such paellas even in a force 8 in the Bay of Biscay.


  3. MLA says:

    ‘Twas indeed! And we missed the gale force winds on Tiree by leaving before they hit. Mike wasn’t so lucky. How did you recognise his paella?


  4. MLA says:

    It was spectacular. 🙂


  5. I recognised it by the assumption that he must be the only one who does paella on Tiree. Glad you were spared the misearble weather


  6. You’re probably right – I think paella may be outside the repertoire of the islanders – but it uses the local ingredients perfectly!
    Mike produced several extraordinary meals of equal complexity – he’s an amazing cook.


  7. Uwe says:

    Yes he is a very adventurous cook. Did you get his eel dish then?


  8. That’s going to be my next post! The most amazing dish. Quite fabulous.


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