10 steps to a food photograph

A nice side effect of digital photography is that the all the stages to a finished photograph can be kept – and in fact I always keep all the captures from a shoot until the job is over in case something is needed for retouching. But then I weed them out a bit to reduce my archive a little. Sometimes I find, as here, that they tell a simple story of the stages and discussions that went on as we headed towards the final version of the shot. You can see how we started with a platter we had discussed earlier as being the right size and shape for the dish of spiced lamb that we were shooting. And then as the shot was for Easter we added the flowers, and then a plate for the salad. There were some adjustments of angle and then the food was arranged on the plate, as we looked at each version different people saw different things that distracted in the shape of the pieces of meat and vegetables and we moved things around a bit. Then some more of the meat juices were poured over and some chopped coriander was sprinkled on – and then some more juices – and then we were happy!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice idea – don’t give away too many secrets:)


  2. I try not to! Hopefully just enough info to demonstrate what high art it is!


  3. That’s what I love about food photography – being able to tweak things to perfection.


  4. patrixdqv says:

    WOW, Thank you very much for this lesson!
    I’m trying to learn more about food photography and you are a inspiration.


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