Fasting food

Andro and I have been following Dr Michael Mosley’s advice for the last three weeks – and I think will continue for the foreseeable future. In case you haven’t heard about it you can read the gist of his excellent Horizon TV programme here.

The basis of the regime is to make two days a week into ‘fast days’ but it’s not as punishing as it might sound – women are allowed 500 cals and men 600 cals which is very doable.
We have been having one or two rashers of best quality thin streaky bacon with an egg cooked in a non-stick pan for breakfast, and then for dinner a lean piece of protein with a generous amount of vegetables (of varieties that grow above the ground). For instance last night we had trout stuffed with fennel stalks and chives, panfried in a little butter with broad beans and spinach. Didn’t feel deprived at all!
There are, however moments in the day when thoughts turn stubbornly to food and in an attempt to fool those cravings I devised this flavourful drink. Just a squeeze of tomato puree with half a teaspoon of Marigold Bouillon in a cup topped up with hot water and a few fresh fennel seeds.
It’s fragrant and fresh tasting – doesn’t confuse the dieting instinct and gives a shot of real flavour that is part of the mechanism that satisfies!


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