Coffee addiction

I recently bought a Nespresso machine for the studio. I knew I would love it because I’d tasted the coffee from a friends machine and had found myself taking a detour when in John Lewis to go past the electrical goods department for a free fix. But I hadn’t quite realised how much I’d start to depend on it! We still make a cafetiére of coffee in the morning as everyone arrives in the studio. We then tend to sit down around the round table and discuss the plan for the day. It’s a convivial and tension defusing ceremony.
After that, however, I tend to rely on the Nespresso to keep my coffee lust satisfied. And it’s great because I can choose a capsule with a strength that suits the moment and the choice of flavours keep my taste buds interested. Unusually even the decaffeinated capsules taste good enough to overcome my prejudices!
The trouble is that I am not in the studio every day – and when I am at home I am missing the Nespresso badly! I already have a very good espresso machine here in the country and it makes perfectly good coffee but it needs emptying and cleaning and it simple doesn’t have the variety of taste and perfection of crema that I can get from those pretty little capsules. Andro has banned another gadget in the kitchen – but I’m working on it!

Photographed and filmed on Olympus E-PL1 with 45mm 1.8 lens in daylight.


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