Frustration with Nikon D800

So – I have my lovely new Nikon D800. I am waiting for my new MacBook Pro Retina to arrive at any minute. I have happily been using Lightroom since it was launched and find version 4 better than ever. Everything should be set up perfectly for my studio food photography. But alas – no, the D800 will not work tethered in Lightroom, nor in Capture, the only other serious alternative software for my workflow. It works in Sofortbild or via the iPad and DSLRemote from OnOne,  but the extra stage of having the Lightroom catalogue watch the download folder and then import into Lightroom adds frustrating seconds to the process that looks gimcrack when you have an art director peering impatiently over your shoulder.As soon as my new MBP arrives I will be testing it with Sofortbild and hope the faster computer will speed things up so that I can use the D800,  at the moment It’s sitting in its case waiting for a solution., It seems crazy that Nikon can launch a superb camera which is perfectly designed for a studio photographer and neglect to supply the vital information to allow third party software to develop the software to use it. Is it a sort of dog-in-the-manger attitude that wants to force photographers to pay an extra premium for the rather clunky Nikon Capture Control software?

The pic above is one I did manage to take on the Nikon D800 using DSLRemote through my Wifi network To add to my irritations my `wifi network in the studio isn’t working currently because BT have left me with a dead telephone line for nearly two weeks!


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  1. I never cease to hear of software aggravation linking camera to computer. I’m coming to the conclusion that the art director’s involvement is the fly in the ointment. They all have computers and know a bit too much for their, or our, health. It was wonderful when you could show them a Polaroid and say “Don’t worry, the film will look so much better” and just get on shooting.


  2. Sandro Gamba says:

    Hello Marie -Louise, I am interested to know if you where able to manage your problem with Lightroom and the d800. I am in the process of buying this 2 and would love to receive your feedback. By the way, I love your web site, super nice…
    Thank you,


  3. The D800 and Lightroom are now speaking to each other very nicely. It took a while but now I feel I have the perfect tools to take the pictures I like. Thank you for your lovely comments on my work!


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