I always feel so proud when my husband publishes a new book!

My husband is author Andro Linklater and Andro’s latest book is “Why Spencer Perceval Had To Die’. In this little clip he explains a little of what it is about.

Why Spencer Perceval Had to Die: The Assassination of a British Prime Minister

Shot on Nikon D90


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  1. Wow, the things you learn when you go blogosphere hopping! :o) I knew nothing about that little piece of history, and I found it fascinating. And now I am prepared if a questions pops up in Trivial Pursuit about the only British Prime Minister to ever be assassinated. Bonus! Good luck with the book.


  2. So glad you liked it – I think it’s fascinating too – but then I’ve had a chance to read the actual book. Seems as if there are grounds for a mega conspiracy theory about how John Bellingham became the instrument of Spencer Perceval’s death.


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