My new Olympus xz1 as delivered by Amazon.

I have been listening out all day for a delivery from Amazon. It’s beautiful weather for once this summer and all the doors and windows are open. We’ve been here all the time and Conker has spent most of the day lying on the terrace sunbathing, and he always barks when the gate us opened. So as it was getting late in the afternoon I was getting anxious that my new camera wasn’t going to arrive. Then I happened to go out to the car to fetch something and spotted, all alone in the middle of the drive, a package!


I don’t know what time it was left there, but clearly the delivery man had thought it appropriate to leave a parcel containing a £300+ camera in full view of anyone passing in the lane, not asking for a signature, and not providing a waterproof covering. It could easily have stayed there until tomorrow morning. Bizarre. And of course I’ll complain. The battery is now being charged – I’ll report on the camera when I’ve had a play. .


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  1. Dear Ms Avery:
    I’m very interested to read your reactions to the handling in your use of the new camera, as well as your new photographs.

    It’s one of two or three I’ve been seriously considering for purchase. Right now I’m thinking of opting for a Sigma DP-2x (see very good review here:

    But I think I’ll hold off for a while, at least until I can read your thoughts on the xz1!

    Best, and keep on doing what you do so well,



  2. That is super bizarre! So lucky you found it and it wasn’t run over by a bicycle or a car 0_o


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