Saturday brunch – shot on EP-1 at 6400ISO

Not a brilliant picture I’m afraid – I was too eager to eat this – and the anticipation was fulfilled – quite delicious.
Ciabatta roll (gluten free) split and fried in goose fat with a slice of black pudding (also gluten free from Findlay’s of Edinburgh) and some chestnut mushrooms with a poached egg on top. Unfortunately I grabbed my Olympus EP-1 to take the photo without checking the ISO. For taking snaps I often depend on the Auto ISO setting but one of the flaws of the camera for me is, that it is then very easy to knock the wheel and push the setting on to 6400ISO. This is what happened here and I was unfortunately far too greedy to check, before I had eaten the lot. Noise is not as well handled on the Olympus EP-1as on my Nikons and although it does well up to 1600, 6400 is just too far to be usable – or attractive. Ah well – I guess I will just have to repeat the dish and shoot it properly next time.

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