Another new camera to drool over – Olympus XZ-1

New Olympus XZ-1 Lens Specifications Leaked - Geeky Gadgets

I have a long ongoing quest for the perfect handbag camera. One that I can carry with me always and that works brilliantly in low light and focuses close enough on a long enough lens setting to make the food on my plate look good without having to stand up!  A rather specific specification I know but a constant concern for me. I have run through a long collection of Fuji Finepix cameras each being the best available at the time, and have recently been gearing up to get a Canon PowerShot S95, which I believe to be the current champion on my very particular steeplechase, but just before I flexed the plastic this caught my eye on the Olympus XZ-1
!  The Olympus XZ-1may be the next answer to my prayers. Very wide aperture – even at full zoom F/1.8-2.5, 4x zoom, HD video, bright OLED screen, hot shoe and very pocketable. It would also share accessories with my Olympus Pen. It’s to be announced at CES in Las Vegas, maybe tomorrow and I am keeping my ear to the ground for more news

The Olympus XZ-1has now been announced officially and there is a preview of it on the DP Review site.  The only thing I can’t find out about it yet is if it has reasonably close focus when the lens is zoomed out – a requirement for good food photographs on the go. Nevertheless it sounds totally brilliant and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!


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