What a difference a change of depth of field makes

RosesJust a simple comparison of two shots of the same rose in our winter garden. The left hand image was shot at 1/250th at f8, while the one on the right was shot at 1/4000th at f2. I’m in no doubt which one I prefer.

And just in case it isn’t obvious to everyone – I think the background in the left hand image is very distracting and supplies no useful information while the simpler background on the right hand side leaves the flowers as the most important element of the image and so directs the viewer where I want them to look.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    Agreed – what did camera did you shoot with?


  2. I agree, the bokeh on the photo on the right hand side is great and causes your eyes to focus on the centre object!


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