Polaroid PoGo Pocket Photo Printer


Polaroid PoGo Digital Photo Printer with Zero Ink (Zink) Technology

Have rather wanted one of these for ages but at over £100 it seemed a lot for something that might just be a gimmick. Now that it’s only £23.79 on Amazon the Polaroid PoGo Printer is cheap enough to buy as a toy and if it turns out to be better than that it will be a bonus!

It produces little 2×3″ prints that are sticky backed, the colour is not reputed to be amazing, but then the charm of the original polaroids wasn’t the accuracy of the colour!

When I was still shooting on film I kept a polaroid book with a polaroid from every shot from every job stuck in and annotated. I kept it religiously for all the years I worked on film and so I have dozens of these notebooks and I love looking back at them, and remembering through them the circumstances of each days photography and the people involved. I know I have the images from all my digital shoots and can reproduce them in any way I like but there is something very precious about these hand crafted pages. I imagine that if I got the Polaroid PoGo Printer
I would recreate some sort of notebook of my present work but maybe the moment has passed with the need for it!


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