Mung beans for lunch

Mung beans-0006I have recently discovered Mung Beans and how quick and easy they are to cook compared with most beans. They are also much easier to digest and have a fresh and delicate flavour. I spent ages looking for appealing recipes for cooking Mung Beans, but what I found was mostly rather hefty and didn’t seem to really complement them.
So I cooked a batch up – they take about half an hour – and tasted them absolutely as they were and experimented. The picture above shows them cooked and while warm dressed with virgin olive oil and a little cider vinegar, salt and black pepper – much as one would make puy lentil salad and adding some quartered cherry tomatoes and flakes of smoked mackerel, and they were delicious. Andro liked them so much, he said he’d be happy to have them for lunch every day!
Photo Note: I shot this on a Nikon D40x which I keep in the kitchen (!) ready to shoot food before we eat it. This model has now been superceded and the latest equivalent is the Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera (18-55mm VR Lens Kit) or the Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera (18-55 mm VR Lens Kit)

But the most important thing to give real style to a simple food shot is the lens you use, and although the kit lens which comes with either of these cameras is excellent and very useful for general photography, using it  for food tends to produce a less than sexy image! For the first of the two photos above,  I used an old favourite, Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor Lens Aa lens that I have used for ages and is wonderfully versatile. There is now a slightly cheaper and more modern alternative Nikon 105MM AF-S VR II F2.8D Micro Nikkor Lenswhich as it has also has a wide F2.8 maximum aperture should give similar results.


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  1. shyr says:

    yes thats right.. mung beans is also low in saturated Fat, Soduim, and cholesterol..


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