The new Canon PowerShot S90 looks promising for food bloggers

The Canon S series used to be very popular compact cameras for serious photographers as they had plenty of manual settings. The series has returned with the S90 and it looks intriguing. It boasts an F2.0-4.9 28-105mm stabilized lens and if it has a close up capability at the longer end of that, with it’s wide max aperture it could be a useful tool for food photographers travelling light. And I’m really intrigued by the lens ring which controls some settings and sounds very intuitive and like a ‘real’ camera.

I’ll look for more info and update as I find it!

Update: I’ve looked up the focusing specs which are obviously really important for food photography, and it seems that is has what I am looking for – ie fairly close up capability at the longer lens lengths. 30 cm at the telefocus end of the lens is fine! It won’t have maximum aperture when the lens is extended but it still should have a comparatively short depth of field and as everything is controllable there’s more chance of getting what you want. It also shoots Raw for maximum control.

Focusing Range
Auto: 2.0 in./5cm-infinity (W), 12 in./30 cm-infinity (T)
Normal: 1.6 ft.-infinity/50cm-infinity
Macro: 2.0 in.-1.6 ft./5-50cm (W)


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  1. Billie says:

    I’m hoping that one of these compact cameras will come along with a truly usable high ISO feature. One that isn’t noisy. You can add light at home but I like to photograph food in restaurants and so many times I have to deal with low light. A on-camera flash just doesn’t do the job. The new Fuji and Sony models seem to be moving in the right direction. And the Canon G11 says it will improve ISO performance. I’ll read some more about the S90.


  2. Yes noise is a real problem. I use a Fujifilm F100fd as a handbag camera which is not too bad on low light noise, but I should have hung on for the F200EXR which sounds as if it much better. Although I would love a lens with a wider aperture, which is why I am interested in the S90.


  3. Billie says:

    I bought the camera about 2 weeks ago. I might be able to use 800 ISO but that is as high as I will go and then only for the web. I’m still working on getting control of the focus. But what I love about the camera is that it is “living” in my purse so it is always handy.


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