Breakfast -41web-2I love bacon, but find it almost impossible to find anything that matches the bacon I remember from my childhood. Then we used to have thinly cut streaky bacon that would quickly go crispy in the pan and tasted wonderful.
My mother would cut off the rinds before cooking and fry them up separately for our Scottie whose daily treat they were.
This morning’s bacon was a typical disappointment. It was at least British which hopefully meant that the pigs were treated with a modicum of respect, and it was smoked which should give it a good flavour, but when I opened the packet it was, as usual, thicker than I would choose. But the real annoyance started when I put it into a dry non-stick pan and waited for the heat to start rendering out the fat to generate a mouthwatering smell. Instead it started to steam and sticky white liquid exuded from the bacon, I mopped this watery liquid up with a paper kitchen towel but still it kept coming. The picture below shows the bacon after I had drenched and removed two paper towels. The rashers had shrunk to nearly half their size and in the end were leathery rather than crispy and far too salt.
I know that there are better and more expensive bacons, but surely this borders on mis-selling. Although the packet states that it’s 88% pork I find that hard to believe considering how much liquid was exuded and how small the cooked bacon rashers were.

from Marielou’s posterous


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