Gloria with rhubarb

We used to work together at Good Housekeeping where I was art director and Gloria Nicol was homes editor. Her style was always evident in her work and I very much admired what she did, but although we had a good working relationship it wasn’t until we had both left GH and I was taking photographs for my living and Gloria was wanting to learn that we spent real time together. She acted as my assistant on a tour of Scotland where I was photographing at restaurants for the Scotsman.
Since then she has not only gone on to be a successful photographer in her own right, but also has written and photographed several beautiful books, has started an online shop (The Laundry) a realworld shop and a lovely blog. Renaissance woman!
She came to see us in Kent on Monday. We had a lovely gossipy day and I took some pictures of her for her book covers etc. This is the first shot I took while we were really only just working out what shots to do. She had brought this huge bunch of rhubarb with her, picked it up and grinned. I had the camera in my hand and just grabbed the shot.
Tip: Always leave your camera on a general auto setting when putting it away so that if you need it in a hurry it is simply a matter of snatching it up and shooting!



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