Janssons Frestelse


Janssons frestelse

One of my favourite suppers, the Swedish classic dish Janssons Frestelse (Jansson’s Temptation) is a wonderful example of a few simple tastes blending perfectly together. A description doesn’t do it justice, only by tasting it does it become clear!

It can be served as one of the hot dishes on a Swedish smörgåsbord, as starter to a more substantial dinner or as a light supper dish.

The vital ingredient is Swedish ansjovis, not as you might think , a simple translation of anchovies, but in fact  a marinated or pickled sprat, salty and slightly sweet at the same time. For years they were one of the things I had to bring back to England from Sweden, but now they are easily got from Ikea’s food department, but for best quality buy from the ScandiKitchen or Ocado!

Janssons Frestelse

● 2 large onions
● 3 large potatoes
● 2 cans of Swedish ansjovis
● 200 ml double cream + 100ml milk
● 2 tbsps  breadcrumbs
● 1-2 tbsp butter

Butter an ovenproof dish.

Peel and slice the onions into thin slices (on a mandoline if you have one).  Fry the onion slices gently in a frying pan with as little fat as possible for 10 minutes until golden brown, stirring occasionally to prevent browning too much.

Peel the potatoes slice thinly and cut into matchsticks. (Some mandolines can cut directly into matchsticks or a good coarse grater could be used instead).

Layer the potatoes, fried onion and pieces of anchovy into the buttered dish. The bottom and top layers should be of potato. Pour on half of the cream and milk mixture, with some of the juice from the tin, and dot the top surface with the butter. Finally scatter the breadcrumbs over the surface and bake at 225C for 30 minutes. remove from oven and add the rest of the cream mixture around the dishes edge, bake for a further 15 mins approx until the the potato feels soft and has a good colour.

Makes an excellent supper dish accomapanied by an imported lager beer and followed by a good salad, or can be served as a starter


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  1. Signe says:

    Veldig fristende! Looks fabulous, can just imagine a green salad going with this and a cold, cold beer. Nothing beats those Swedish anchovies 😉


  2. What serendipity! I found your page from a link from the blog “Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods.” I had a Swedish friend in Vail, CO way back in the late 60’s who prepared the dish of potatoes, anchovies, cream, etc. for me. We later lost touch when she moved back to Sweden. I could not recall how she did it or exactly what was in it. I only remembered that I loved it. For years I have thought about it and now I have the recipe at last! Thanks a million times!


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