Rum cocktails

Had a really nice job last week with lovely people – and delicious rum!  I’ve rarely drunk rum since the days when Bacardi and coke seemed the most sophisticated drink in the world, preferring a very dry vodka martini or a scotch and soda if I felt like drinking spirits, but having recognised my gluten intolerance I realise that all the grain spirits are now off my list, and rum has a new appeal.

The rums I was photographing were from mostly small producers in the West Indies and Kester our great mixologist made them up into a wonderful selection of cocktails.

Photographing drinks is a specialist branch of food photography which is often done with much complicated fakery, but I find, as with photographing food the best results are achieved by shooting as simply as possible, using real ice and natural looking lighting. We had to produce a series of shots to use together so I had to use flash for consistency, and a few reflectors and pieces of black card ensured the highlights were nice, but essentially all was real. No perspex ice, no glycerine condensation, no dulling spray or dry ice.

These drinks were all stunning but the rum itself drunk straight or on the rocks was a revelation.  It was deep and subtle and delicate – I’m only sorry there were only a few drops of this deliciousness left at the end of the shoot to take home and share with Andro.

Drinks plains


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  1. Joe says:

    cool article I love it, great photography too


  2. always such an inspiration, Loua 🙂 Thank you!



  3. Lisa Mckendry says:

    I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease over 2yrs ago, and as a vegetarian it had quite an impact on my diet, given that grain products are a big part of the filling aspect many a meal. I have read a lot of books on the subject and have attended some of the meetings held by National Health Service to give advice on foods and drinks that should be avoided with this condition. I know that when it comes to alcoholic beverages that all beers, ales and lagers are a no-go, obviously because they are brewed from grains; however, spirits brewed from grains are a different thing altogether. It is apparently down to the distilling process required to produce spirits: it nullifies the gluten content, making ALL spirits an option for every thirsty coeliac! Your post above is incorrect, and, lets face it , the last thing a coeliac sufferer needs is to be told of another thing they can’t have – when, actually they CAN!!!
    I hope you ammend this soon,
    Thanks, Lisa


  4. Lisa
    I realise that the received wisdom is that the distillation process destroys the gluten – and I embarked on my gluten free life on that premise, but have since discovered that I can no longer drink whisky or vodka without my symptoms returning, and have found this to be true for several other people I have met who suffer from gluten intolerance.
    So, lucky you, if you are able to tolerate grain spirits.


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