Beetroot grabbed and bought!

Here’s another example of a picture taken with my pocket camera – my Fuji F100fd which is good enough to go into thePictureKitchen

library. This time the shot was taken in good light so I could easily handhold the camera at 200iso, and the detail and freedom from noise is exemplary. It’s very hard to distinguish it from an image  taken with a DSLR.

To maximise the quality I set the camera exposure to -1/3 so I wasn’t in danger of losing detail in the highlights, and I was careful to compose the shot so that it was square to the edge of the basket which just shows at the bottom, and that the curve of the main set of leaves was left intact – and then I took several frames at slightly different crops to be sure.

And then I noticed the shopkeeper watching me and was embarrassed into buying a bunch of beetroots and some fine onions (out of shot). Fortunately the beetroot were as good as they looked. I baked them in the oven in their skins until they were just tender and served them Swedish style just with unsalted butter as a starter. The leaves I washed, trimmed, steamed and served as a vegetable with the main course – delicious (and thrifty!)


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  1. MsGourmet says:

    lovely picture!


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