Mexican Corn Pancakes – and possibility of coeliac disease

Irritatingly I find I am either gluten or wheat intolerant – it’s being investigated now. I have always prided myself in my omniverousness and general lack of faddiness in my eating. Of course I’m nearly always watching my weight and have at various times done the Atkins diet or variations thereof, and have always felt particularly well when doing it, but have drifted back to carbohydrates (and therefore wheat etc) because of social pressures.

What has caused me to examine my diet more closely is that I have been getting increasingly tingly and numb toes! This is much more uncomfortable and alarming than it sounds – and wakes me with the discomfort in the small hours (hence much Tweeting at strange times). Various blood tests have shown that I am short of Vitamin B12 and Folic acid, and Vitamin B12 deficiency has now been directly connected to neuropathy (nerve damage in the extremities), and can be caused by malabsorption of nutrients from the gut which in turn can be caused by coeliac disease which is the more severe form of gluten intolerance. Since I have known this I have been testing my reaction to wheat, barley, rye and oats which are the culprits and have discovered a clear relationship to their intake and the reaction of my gut.

I am off to see a gastroenterologist at the end of the month to explore this properly but have such mixed feelings about it.  It would be fantastic to halt (0r even repair??) the damage to my feet and to stop my gastric system from getting ever more volatile, but the thought of having to be serious about the exclusion of all gluten products from my diet (and that means ALL) is really daunting and rather depressing.

The other driving force in my quest for a proper diagnosis is that my mother for about 25 years has been complaining about increasing numbness in her feet which has now at over 80 reached her knees and has also had a digestive system that sometimes leaves her trapped at home not daring to travel. An investigation on her gut about 15 years ago resulted in a removal of a portion of it where 2 little polyps were found since when her digestion has been much worse.  I, of course, now think that she has been coeliac – or at least gluten intolerant – all this time and am anxious for her to be diagnosed to improve her quality of life which is now rather impaired.

Anyway… in the meantime I have been exploring what the implications of it would be and researching what I can eat!

One of the things I thought I would miss was pancakes – but I think they will be the least of my problems having found that I love buckwheat and that it makes superb pancakes. Another good alternative is corn and I love these Mexican Corn Pancakes  – and even if your gut is in perfect working order they are quite delectable so I give the recipe below. Enjoy!

Mexican Corn Pancakes

● 1 1/2 cups fine corn flour
● 1 cup milk
● 1 egg
● 1/2 tsp. salt
● 1 small can sweetcorn, mash half the corn slightly before mixing in
● 20 gms butter, melted

Optional additions:
● green chilies or jalapenos
● coriander (cilantro) leaves, chopped
● ground cumin
● chicken or vegetarian stock instead of milk
● cheese, grated
● red or green sweet pepper, diced

Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Heat the griddle or a large skillet over medium heat. Grease the skillet with a little ghee or butter and drop the cakes onto the griddle, slow-cooking them 6-8 minutes each side, until browned and crispy.

While the first batch of cakes are cooking, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and have ready a medium sheet pan. Remove the cakes to the sheet pan and bake for a minutes, until cooked all the way through.


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  1. ilva says:

    I am sorry to read about this but on the other had it is good if you can do something about it before it damages your body in a more severe way, I have friends who have developed other food intolerances because their coeliac disease was ignored! In case you need links to good gf food blogs I know several excellent ones! just tell me!


  2. Jensen says:

    I actually enjoyed reading through this write-up.Thanks.


  3. elyssa says:

    hi there,

    I came across your site while re-searching “gluten free flatbread” – whilst on your site, I read about your food intolerences and symptoms.
    I would like to share that I was wrongly diagnosed by various experts for years until I was one step away from stomach cancer. Currently, I’m on a gluten,dairy and sugar free diet plus candida diet (vinegar, mushroom, pickles,fermented food included) and it’s the only thing that works- recommended by the 5th naturopath that I saw. Apparently, the condition is caused by a fungus, that grows in the stomach. I’ve come across various people with similar conditon. As far as the medical world goes… they wasted my time and energy, the had no idea. Neither, am I recomending naturopaths…I had to keep a food diary and provide the final naturopath with, a lot of information…before she came up with possible solutions- and she is a very good naturopath. But I mainly got a lot of help and information from other people suffering from similar “symptoms”. Please educate yourself and connect with people who are in similar situation…this is what, I found most helpful.
    Thank you for recipes.


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