I should be working on my new portfolio!

I don’t think I am alone as a photographer in finding the compilation of a new portfolio a daunting task! There are so many things about it that paralyse me.

I am always striving for perfection (in my terms) and then agonising that my idea of perfection will be so different to the viewers as to be unintelligible to them. I know that I love the apparent casualness of that slight melting of icecream that makes it look as if it won’t hurt your teeth – but will the art director think that I can’t photograph ‘perfect’ icecream with finely etched texture where it’s been scooped out? I love the look of melted cheese where it is just starting to drip down the face of the sandwich – a moment later is too late – will they spot that I caught that ‘decisive moment’? I think that the darkened areas on the supermarket quiche give it the homebaked look they are trying to sell but . . .

Picture available from thePictureKitchen


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