Sudden streams springing

Walking in the fields with Conker this afternoon there was the sound of rushing water everywhere. So much rain has fallen recently that every little ditch is full and punctuated with waterfalls.

When walking I prefer to carry a small camera – my current snap cameras are a Fuji F100FD and a Panasonic DMC-LX2 which I love for its great lens and panoramic shape but only in good light. Today it was grey and I grabbed the Fuji and used it as well to capture the sound of the little waterfalls. In todays dreary light the pix from the F100fd came out looking a little dull but I ran them through Lightroom (which works very well on jpegs despite being designed for raw files) and they cracked into life. I punched in the blacks and boosted the contrast and clarity a little and added a subtle vignette  and suddenly they look as I remembered!


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