Almond cake recipe recovered

I’ve been emptying and clearing out our departing fridge (a glamorous looking but deeply inefficient retro Smeg which after 6 years of annoyance has finally ceased to function) in the course of which various post-it notes attached to its side have emerged, including this great recipe from my Swedish mother. I have to transcribe it from this greasy little piece of paper so will share it with you!

Swedish Almond Cake

This incredibly simple cake is very useful as it has no flour at all so suits those with wheat intolerance and coeliacs, but there are no compromises on taste – it is absolutely delicious, particularly with a cup of good black coffee

3 large eggs
2 dl/165 gm sugar (golden caster)
150 gm ground almonds

  • Beat the eggs and sugar with an electric whisk for at least 5-7 minutes until really thick.
  • On a low speed add the ground almonds.
  • Put into a non-stick loaf tin and bake for 30 minutes at 175C. (NB It is rather prone to sticking so if you are uncertain of the efficacy of your tin it is safer to line it with non-stick paper.)

NB  dl = decilitre = 1/10 of a litre. This is the usual method of measuring ingredients in Sweden in the same manner (but different measurement) to the American cup.

Now I am going to import this into my Mac recipe collection using the brilliant Yummy Soup. Ever since I used this bit of software I have managed to keep an up to date collection of the recipes I am using and the ones I intend to use, and the ones I write from scratch. This has replaced endless files and torn out magazine pages and backs of envelopes – and to my husband’s delight some of the piles of paper in the kitchen are disappearing!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. ilva says:

    My mother made a cake like this too! She often used it as a kind of tårtbotten with something on top, so good!


  2. Thanks so much for being the first proper comment on my incunabula blog – and for demonstrating that you can now access the comments – although I think I will migrate to a comment system like yours – seems to have many advantages.


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